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Course Requirements

  • Five writing workshops (15 credits; students may take fiction, poetry, or non- fiction workshop up to 4 times for credit. The fifth workshop must be in a different genre. (For example, 4 fiction workshops and 1 poetry workshop)
  • Five literature seminars (15 credits)
  • Three critical practice courses (9 credits)
  • One thesis tutorial (3 credits)

*Note: There is no foreign language requirement for MFA students who enrolled in Fall 2011 or subsegment semesters. The requirement still applies to students who enrolled before Fall 2011.

Sample Programs

These are examples of course sequences that includes all requirement and the correct distribution of credits. You can take Literature and Critical Practice courses in whatever sequence you want. The only restriction is that you cannot take 2 workshops at the same time. It is usually advisable to take the thesis tutorial (individual work with a mentor) in your last semester.

Course Requirements (PDF)

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