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Thesis Submission Deadline:

Fall: Monday, December 9, 2019 (4:00pm)   
Apply for Graduation Deadline: Friday, October 11, 2019

Page Count

The MFA thesis should be a substantial length collection of poems, stories or essays, a portion or draft of a novel, memoir, or play. It may not be a combination of genres.

  • Poetry: 40
  • Essays/Stories/Novel/Memoir/Play: 100

Printing Format

  • Single-sided
  • The binding-side margins should be 1.5 inches
  • Pages must be numbered consecutively

Thesis Binder: Roaring Spring Thesis Binder, 1″ Capacity, Black. Available on Amazon.

A) Program Worksheet/Clearance Form

This form is the grid which outlines the courses taken in this program, semester taken, category designation, and grade earned. The clearance form should be filled out prior to registering for the final semester and should be complete (with the B3400 grade left blank). Upon submission of the thesis, the form must be signed by the Graduate Program Director (MFA: Michelle Valladares).

B) Cover Page

The mentor, upon approval of the final draft of the thesis, must sign the thesis cover page (attached), after which the second reader and Program Director must sign. The student is responsible for seeing that each signature is obtained. This signed cover sheet must be included in the final draft of the thesis that is presented to Migen Prifti (NAC 5/225).

C) Title Page

The title page should bear the title, the author’s name, the mentor’s name, the date, the author’s email address, and the statement: “Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Fine Arts of the City College of the City University of New York.”

D) Table of Contents

For students submitting a collection of stories, essays, or poems, a table of contents should follow the title page.


MFA in Creative Writing Program
Director: Michelle Valladares
NAC 6/219

Humanities & Arts Graduate Advisor
Migen Prifti
NAC 5/225

Signatures Required

Thesis Cover Page:

  • Student
  • Mentor (First Reader)
  • Second Reader
  • Graduate Program Director
  • Dean of the Humanities & the Arts

Program Worksheet/Clearance Form:

  • Graduate Program Director

Thesis Submission

  • Submit one copy in black springback manuscript binder
  • One unbound paper copy of thesis
  • One Thesis in .pdf format on a CD
  • $40 check payable to City College Library

Please Note: Dean’s signature will be the final signature and will be obtained upon submission to Migen Prifti, Graduate Advisor in the Office of the Dean of the Humanities and Arts (NAC 5/225)

Extension/Incomplete Thesis

Unless you receive explicit notice from your advisor (in writing/email) that they will be willing to continue working with you AFTER your thesis semester is over, your thesis MUST be turned in by the due date for that semester.

Please Note: There should be no expectation that faculty mentors will be willing and/or available to continue working with students after the designated thesis term.

Foreign Language Requirement

MFA students who matriculated in the program prior to the Fall 2011 semester are required to fulfill a foreign language requirement. This requirement may be fulfilled in one of several ways:

  • Translation Workshop (offered once/ academic year) which, for MFA students, may count as a Workshop or Critical Practice Course.
  • The Foreign Language Qualifying Exam (FLQE) offered each semester through the Department of Classical and Modern Languages & Literatures (NAC 5/223).
  • The Language Reading Program at the CUNY Graduate Center (Please Note: This course does NOT count as credits towards the MFA at City College)

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