MFA News & Publications 2016-2018

MFA Faculty Publications

  • Laskin, Pamela, and Lyn Di lorioMonster Maria / Marisol y El Huracán María. The Operating System , 2018
  • Valladares, Michelle and Israel, Yahdon. “More Than a Piece of Paper: How to Make the Most of an MFA and Use It to Launch Your Career,” presented to SLICE Literary Writers’ conference, St. Francis College, Brooklyn, September 9, 2018. To learn more, please visit:
  • Unger, David prepares new translation of Spanish-language classic. Learn more.
  • Arian, Amir Ahmadi. “What Sanctions Mean to Iranians.” The New York Times, 2018,

MFA Alumni and Student Publications

  • Jones, Constantine. “[please hold].” Blood Tree Literature, Issue 04: Transparency, 2018,
    • [please hold] is part of a larger body of work, forthcoming by Jones entitled “Ruins. In. Progress.”
    • “The Gut.” PEN America, PEN Poetry Series, 2018,
  • Ko, Lisa. The Leavers: A Novel. Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 2018.
    • Lisa Ko was listed as a National Book Award Finalist for her novel The Leavers.
    • The Leavers recommended by the well-known American journalist, Janet Maslin in The New York Times.
  • Sinclair, Stewart L. “Emily Dickinson Weeping Under the Stairwell.” 3AM Magazine, 2019.
  • Kiely, BrendanTradition. Margaret K. McElderry Books, 2018.
    • Tradition is featured in Publisher’s Weekly called his new book, Tradition,“A novel to discuss, that takes up timely issues about privilege, problematic school “traditions,” and how institutions can in some cases protect their athletes and discourage women from reporting an assault.”
  • Heather Archibald was awarded the 2018 BRIO (Bronx Recognizes its Own Award) for her short story, “Crowded Harbor.”  The BRIO comes with a cash prize of $4K.
  • Caity Kuehn won the 2017 Bellevue Literary Review prize. Read her interview about her nonfiction essay, “Of Mothers and Monkeys: A Case Study.
  • Smyles, Iris. “Fortune Cookies.” The New Yorker, 2017,
  • Madembo, Jane. “The History of Racism I Didn’t Want to Share.” The New York Times, 2017,
  • Chaffee, Jessie. Florence in Ecstasy: A Novel. Unnamed Press, 2017.
    • Jessie’s book was reviewed by NPR books.
  • Reynolds, Jason, and Brendan KielyAll American Boys. Atheneum, an Imprint of Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Division, 2017.
    • All-American Boys co-written with Jason Reynolds, won the Coretta Scott King Honor Award and the Walter Dean Myers Award. It also received a nice plug in The New York Times article on a new wave of YA books that explore race and police brutality.
  • Poe, Janelle. “Eyes of the Tiger.” Aster(Ix) Journal, 2016,
    • Janelle was named the Kimibilio Fellow for 2017.
  • Sirisena, HasanthikaThe Other One: Stories. University of Massachusetts Press, 2016.
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